Martyrs Arena Thread

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    • Martyrs Arena Thread

      We proudly announce the results of the first edition of the Martyrs Arena!

      • First place: Pornizan of the Disperati Clan (who won 3 prizes of her choice);
      • Second place: ErSecco of the Disperati Clan (who won 2 prizes of his choice);
      • Third place: Antilus of the Martyrs Clan.

      Congratulations, champions!

      We want to thank all the Disperati Clan members for their participation and their courtesy. Despite the very limited number of combatants, we had a lot of fun; so, we hope that there will be more participants next time! We still have a lot of great prizes :)

      The next Tournament will be held on sunday 19/04/2020 at 17:00. The Arena is on the C-shaped island at O/6, the one marked with two temples.

      Stay tuned!