Vote for taming to be turned off

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    • Vote for taming to be turned off

      Tamed pets are known to cause a lot of lag so let's vote to turn off animal taming-they are pretty much useless anyways from what I can tell I've tamed a bunch and tried the upgraded rare versions too, all weak all pointless.

      lets get some upvotes and +1's so the admins can decide if they will turn off or not! :)
    • Hey,

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      We will not turn the taming-system off completly, however we will make changes to it in the future.

      Similar to our PVP server we will reduce the taming speed a lot, make exclusive food required and define rules regarding buildings and thralls/pets.
      This will happen on our next wipe which is not defined/planned yet.

      You can anytime report location of bases to us which have a needless amount of pets/thralls and we will remove them to an acceptable amount.