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  • Martyrs Arena Thread

    The Scribe of Luxur - - Off Topic


    We proudly announce the results of the first edition of the Martyrs Arena! - First place: Pornizan of the Disperati Clan (who won 3 prizes of her choice); - Second place: ErSecco of the Disperati Clan (who won 2 prizes of his choice); - Third place: Antilus of the Martyrs Clan. Congratulations, champions! We want to thank all the Disperati Clan members for their participation and their courtesy. Despite the very limited number of combatants, we had a lot of fun; so, we hope that there will be mo…

  • Quote from Thomas: “hey, thank you for contacting us are also welcome to block the spawn so don't worry this is not a boss who is often visited so do what you want there ” Thank you very much Well, this explains why I never saw players in that area XD We will nevertheless make sure the Demon spider continues to spawn. See ya in game!

  • Hello, mates! Thanks for your wonderful server, I really appreciate your work So, I have a question for the admins of the PVE-C servers of Conan Exiles. I am a member of The Lamenters’ Clan; my clanmates and I would like to build our base in an island at the east of Xel-ha, in a place called “Wreck of the Martyr” (Coordinates 387,115). The problem is, there is a boss in the island: a Demon Spider. We are aware that blocking boss-spawns is not allowed. We don’t want to lock the boss behind walls …